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Covenant of Blood

(1-8 Sessions)

Our God is A Covenant God!

Does the bible seem like many disjointed pieces to you?
Covenant is the common thread linking all scripture together.  The Bible is ingle story of God's promise to restore mankind to a relationship with Himself.  God is a God of covenant.  God has never done anything in reference to man without a covenant.  An understanding of covenant is essential to your understanding of God, His Word, and His plan for humanity.  It is a story of unsurpassed love.  That love takes on a Name.  His Name is Jesus and He is willing to die to restore His covenant partner.

Understand the broken covenant of Life.  Examine God's restorative covenants made with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David.  Delve into the blood covenant ritual and the meaning of the Hebrew concept of 'checed' (covenant love).  Let the New Covenant come alive as you understand how it fulfills promises going back to the fall of man.




Session 1 - 1 Hour

Our Covenant God

(The Seven Covenants of God)

  • Old and New Covenant
  • Need for a Blood Covenant
  • Why Study Covenant
  • Edenic Covenant(Covenant of Life)

Session 5 - 1 Hour

Sanctity of Covenant


  • Meaning of 'Checed' (Covenant Love)
  • David Seeks Mephibosheth
  • 'Checed' in the Old Covenant
  • 'Agape' in th New Covenant

 Session 2 - 1 Hour

Covenant Overview - Part I

(Successive Revelation)

  • Broken Covenant of Life
  • Adamic Covenant
  • Noahadic Covenant
  • Abrahamic Covenant

 Session 6 - 1 Hour

The Abrahamic Covenant

(Faith in Action)

  • What Did Abraham Believe?
  • Testing of Abraham
  • Isaac and the Covenant
  • Purpose of the Sacrifice

 Session 3 - 1 Hour

Covenant Overview - Part II

(Successive Revelation II)

  • Mosaic Covenant
  • Davidic Covenant
  • Israel's Certificate of Divorce
  • New Covenant Prophecy

 Session 7 - 1 Hour

Jesus Fulfills the Covenant

(Blood Covenant Ritual Complete)

  • Representative and Site Chosen
  • Exchange of Robes and Belts
  • Covenant Sacrifice and Terms
  • The Covenant Cut and Sign

 Session 4 - 1 Hour

Understanding Covenant

(Types of Covenants)

  • Salt Covenant
  • Blood Covenant
  • The Blood Covenant Ritual
  • Marriage Covenant

 Session 8 - 1 Hour

Becoming Covenant Minded

(Character of the New Covenant)

  • Differences in the Covenants
  • Aspects of the New Covenant
  • Faith in the New Covenant
  • A Covenant of Shalom

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