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Yeshua (Jesus) In The Feasts of Israel

Messiah was planned before the creation of the world.  God knew man would sin and He had a plan in place.  Israel was God's chosen instrument by which He would reveal Messiah to the world.  In Leviticus 23 God gave Israel seven feasts.  These feasts were given to picture Messiah for the world - so we would be able to recognize him and understand his work and mission.
The Hebrew word for feast is Mo'ed.  It means 'a set or appointed time.'  Of similar meaning is miqrah, 'a rehearsal or recital.'  These feasts are appointed times for rehearsals.  Each feast is a dress rehearsal.  It pictures, in symbolism, an event Messiah would eventually fulfill, either in His first or second coming.  The feasts are a spiritual blueprint of things to come.

If Jesus (Yeshua) fits the blueprint.  He IS the Messiah!

Sample Agenda

Sample Agenda

 Session 1 - 1 Hour

Festival Overview

(God's Plan of Redemption)

  • Messiah Planned Before Creation
  • Significance of the Number Seven
  • Jewish Reckoning of Time
  • Seven High Sabbatones

 Session 5 - 1 Hour

Shavuot (Pentecost)

(Jesus As The Living Word of God)

  • Counting of the Omer
  • The Pilgrimage
  • Marriage Covenant of Mt. Sinai
  • Birth of the Church (Betrothal)

 Session 2 - 1 Hour

Passover - Part I

(Jesus as the Slain Lamb)

  • The Egyptian Passover
  • The First Appointed Feast
  • Passover in Jesus Day
  • Jesus' Celebration of Sedar

 Session 6 - 1 Hour

Rosh HaShanah (Trumpets)

(Jesus as the Bridegroom)

  • Feasts of the Latter Rain
  • Teshuvah-Season of Repentance
  • Significance of the Trumpets
  • Rapture of the Bride

 Session 3 - 1 Hour

Part II - Feast of Unleavened Bread

(Jesus as the Bread of Life)

  • Steps of the Sedar Meal
  • The New Covenant Meal
  • Feast of Unleavened Bread
  • Bedikat Chametz (Search for Leaven)

 Session 7 - 1 Hour

Yom Kippur (Feast of Atonement)

(Jesus as the Scapegoat)

  • The Two Goats - Casting of Lots
  • Red Cloth Miracle
  • The Great Shofar (The Great Trump)
  • The Fulfillment of Yom Kippur

 Session 4 - 1 Hour


(Jesus: Firstfruits of the Born-Again Church)

  • Wave Offering
  • Meaning of FirstFruits
  • Refining the Grain
  • New Testament Parallels

 Session 8 - 1 Hour

Sukkot - Tabernacles/Booths

(Jesus: Living Water / Light of the World)

  • The Festival of the Nations
  • Ceremony of the Water Pouring
  • The Festival of Lights
  • Hoshanna Rabbah - The Great Salvation

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